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Do You Have A Wet Crawlspace Indicating A Foundation Problem?

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Wet Crawlspace

Like basements, crawl spaces share a lot of the same issues relating to flooding and leaking. Water which is moving through the soil in and around a property will eventually work its way inside causing rot, mildew, mold, and odors to prevail the space. The problem is this air rises and enters your home causing humidity levels to rise and air to become stagnant. The foundation and wood members of a home will also become damaged if this condition is not corrected. Insulation will become saturated with moisture and fall to the ground driving up cooling and heating costs.

What is causing your crawl space to become wet and flooded? Simply put, the soil your foundation and walls were built on or around isn’t stable and has water issues. This could be groundwater, stormwater, water vapor in the air, or a combination of all. We call this top layer of soil and air the “active zone”. Depending on the amount of clay, sand, and organic matter in your soil, it’s unique geologic composition can present a variety of problematic reactions to an extended period of wet, dry, hot or cold conditions. When soil stays too dry, it shrinks and creates voids where a foundation will settle. When soil stays too wet, it gets soft and cannot bear the heavy loads and a foundation will sink. When soil freezes, it will expand and heave the foundation upwards. All of these soil conditions put pressure on your crawl space which causes it to leak and become saturated.

Our Solutions

Crawlspace Repair
Water & Drainage Management
Crack Repair & Injection
French Drain Installation
Grading & Sloping


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