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Leaning & Tilting Chimney Repair Services

One of the heaviest and tallest parts of a home is its chimney. So, when a chimney begins to separate, tilt, or lean away from the house, it can be very hazardous to the people and structures in the surrounding area. The reason chimneys tilt and eventually fall over is because their foundation is failing, not because of failed straps. We often get called by homeowners who had another contractor who only strapped the chimney, only to realize a few months later their chimney is cracking in half because the lower half continues to settle with the foundation.

Keating Group, Inc. specializes in foundation repair of leaning chimneys. We have a range of solutions, methods, and techniques to restore a chimney’s structural integrity and foundation. We can save the existing chimney (which saves you money) while at the same time install a new deep foundation. Not only this, but we can recover the chimney back to near 100% straight with the house closing that open gap.  This type of repair is a specialty and not just any mason or chimney professional can handle this. Keep in mind that a leaning chimney requires special engineering considerations and experience to safely perform the foundation upgrade and repair it needs.

With every leaning chimney, we first restore the integrity of its foundation by installing helical pier deep foundation system, then we aim to raise the chimney back to level completely, or as much as the structure will allow. Next, we will backfill and compact the soil around the new foundation. Finally, we install straps above for additional support

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