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Helical Pile Deep Foundation Installation

If the soil under a structure is not adequate for a traditional foundation, it will require a modern deep foundation. To accomplish this, we use IDEAL galvanized steel Helical Piles or sometimes called Helical Piers, or Screw Piles. These are great for low clearance projects where only small equipment and machines can get to. A helical pile comes in attachable lengths so it does not need very much overhead clearance and this also means we can keep adding sections until we reach the engineered depth and torque needed to hold the structure above. This is great for retrofit underpinning applications where a deep foundation needs to be put in under a structure that is already there.

We also use Helical Piles to stabilize and support a foundation which has settled or is actively settling. Sometimes, we can even lift the foundation back to its original level. Think of a helical pile as a giant screw made of reinforced steel. We install them by screwing them into the ground until they reach a geologically stable strata-bearing soil or bedrock.

Once we have enough helical piles installed into the ground, we connect each pier to the concrete foundation with underpinning brackets or caps. At this point, the weight of your house can be transferred over to the new engineered deep foundation system, which removes any dependence from the poor shallow soil it used to reside on. If the house can be lifted, we use hydraulic jacks to safely raise the house until it returns to level.

Helical Piles are a versatile foundation solution and can be engineered for any application that would benefit from a deep foundation system. Here are just a few applications that Keating Group can install Helical Piles for:

Foundation Repair, House Lifting, Decks, Environmental Remediation, Foundation Support, New Construction, Boardwalks & Raised Walkways, Retrofit Foundations, Solar Farms, Subsurface Piling, Sea Walls, Tieback Anchors, Swimming Pools, Elevators, and more!

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