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Foundation Wall Straightening

If you have a basement wall that is tilting over and you not only want the wall stabilized, but would also like it straightened, you’ve come to the right place. In South Jersey, most foundation or retaining walls are constructed using either poured concrete or with masonry block. Both types of walls are subject to tilting over when there is weight and pressure on just one side of the wall. Once the wall starts to fail, it usually gets worse over time. In addition to the repairs needed to stabilize the movement of the wall, we also offer a service to straighten the wall without replacement!

Straightening the wall is not for everyone, however. There is extra work involved to straighten the wall before it is stabilized. Depending on the construction of the wall, the loads it is holding, the age and condition the wall is in; these details will play a part in deciding if your wall is worth trying to straighten, or just stabilize it where it is at. Keating Group, Inc. can help homeowners navigate the options available and give professional advice to suit their budget and goals.

The process to straighten a wall involves more than just stabilizing the wall from the inside, it also requires us to excavate soil on the heavy side to make our repairs. After excavation is complete, an anchoring system is installed below the ground and is tied to, and through, the tilting wall. Now the wall can be pushed and pulled in a secure way until the wall returns to straight.  Next, the wall will now be stabilized in its straightened position so the wall does not tilt back in the future. Finally, the anchor grid system can be backfilled and the soil compacted.

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