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Do You Have Floor & Wall Gaps Indicating A Foundation Problem?

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Floor & Wall Gaps

Floor and wall gaps or separations indicate that you have structural problems beneath you feet. Gaps between the baseboards and the floor, creaking or squeaky sounds, or sometimes a spongy subtle movement is felt as you walk around. Do not dismiss this as unsightly or simply or an annoyance, these are warning signs that the structural integrity of the foundation and support columns below have been compromised and is in need of repairs. Home’s can lose significant value at the time of resale if found to have structural foundation issues.

What is causing your floors and walls to separate and show gaps? Simply put, the soil your foundation was built on isn’t stable and likely the support columns and floor joist’s are poorly designed and improperly spaced. Another factor is moisture levels in an unfinished crawlspace which degrade the wood over time causing it to weaken, deform and sometimes fail.

Depending on the amount of clay, sand, and organic matter in your soil, it’s unique geologic composition can present a variety of problematic reactions to an extended period of wet, dry, hot or cold conditions. When soil stays too dry, it shrinks and creates voids where a foundation will settle. When soil stays too wet, it gets soft and cannot bear the heavy loads and a foundation will sink. When soil freezes, it will expand and heave the foundation upwards. All of these soil conditions put pressure on a foundation which then causes damage to it and the structure above.

Our Solutions

Helical Piles
Grading / Sloping
Water & Drainage Management
Foundation Retrofitting


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